My Story

My name is John Shelembe. I’m married and blessed with four children, three girls, and a boy. One of them passed on in August 2016. I have been living in Durban, South Africa all my life. I was born there, did my schooling in Durban. My wife is from the same city.

After finishing high school, I looked for employment since my parents could not afford to pay for my further education. I was employed in a soap factory in Durban. I started from the lowest grade and worked myself up and left at the junior level position.

I worked for 26years and was retrenched in the year 2002. I was fortunate to work for a multinational company and during my service there, received good training that enabled me to be hooked up in technology. I became attracted to the Internet space. As a result, I bought my first physical Internet Marketing course from America for $67. Unfortunately, I did not make a dime out of the course.

Fast forward to today, I’m still doing Internet Marketing but differently. I follow people who are making online. There are recorded training videos to learn from at your own pace. There are webinars where you can interact with the subject expert presenters. Not to forget social media that spreads your whatever you are promoting.

To be honest to all, I never took Internet business seriously before in terms of investment. I never used to set time aside to continually work on websites. I was chasing shiny objects like many newbies do. It is only recently I just realised recntly that I’m trapped in a vicious cycle. But again, it is not easy to locate and follow an ethical and honest Internet Marketing Mentor. There are so many scams online that are waiting to devour the unsuspecting would be people.

But lately, I landed on ethical and honest Internet Marketing mentors.