Today I am doing a review of a software called Video Takeover. This Affiliate Marketing System is designed such that it includes both the software and training to enhance your Internet Marketing Business.

A lot of Affiliate Marketers when they promote other vendor products, send traffic directly to the sales page. This method does not yield good results because would be buyers, visit the sales page, scan it through and leave as quickly as they had arrived. They are lost forever. When you happen to check your stats for visitors, you will discover that they are a lot of clicks on the product link but fewer buyers.

The top Affiliate Marketers tried to improve the system by re-designing the marketing strategy and started to provide the bonuses and product reviews to “warm up” customers. So, the traffic, instead of being sent directly to the sales page, would instead be directed to a bonus page and review page. The link would then lead to a sales page, then the visitor would afterward purchase the product. This has proven to increase the sales.

However, there is still a downside to this system. You lose traffic on this system. Just to recap, let us re-visit the traffic of the product you are perceived to be promoting. You generate traffic from Facebook Ads, Blog posts, and other social media. Send that traffic to your bonus or review post. Between these two points, some traffic would not proceed to the next step which is a sales page. Some will drop out between the sales page and the “buy the product” link.

Video Takeover eliminates the traffic dropouts by combining these traffic points and capture all the traffic to your mailing list. The software, Video Takeover, has the 4-step system that is easy to follow.


Step No.1: Grab your affiliate link.

Step No.2: Plug it into a done for you cloud-based software.

Step No.3: Spread your link.

Step No.4: Watch the commissions flow into your PayPal account.


Video Takeover Software works even if you do not have previous experience in affiliate marketing. You need not have a website of your own. No need to create videos. You do not have to stress about having an email list. There is no need for expensive web-hosting. Even to have a product of your own is not a necessity. You might ask yourself, but John, you mentioned traffic at the beginning of this article. Don’t worry, the vendors of Video Takeover teach you how to get free traffic on a daily basis just as they also do.








And as our special bonuses
you’ll also receive:



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